The ASP is a pistol that appears as a secondary weapon in Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Call of Duty: Black Ops MultiplayerEdit


The ASP has 40-20 damage, like all pistols excluding the Python and Full-Auto CZ75. It has no visible recoil, making it one of the most useful pistols for longer ranges. However, this is still of course not recommended, as pistols have the worst range profile next to shotguns and the Skorpion. It has a magazine size of 7 rounds, only one more than the Python and lower damage, however it has a very quick reload and with Sleight of Hand is nearly instant. All you see is the ammo counter change. If using Second Chance, this is not the recommended pistol as it is weaker, yet has only one attachment, Dual Wield, which cannot be used in Second Chance.

The ASP is most comparable to the M1911. Both have the same damage, magazine size, recoil, multipliers, and range. The M1911 has more attachments, and arguably better iron sights, and the ASP does not have a front sight, called a "guttersight." Where the ASP has the advantage is that it does not have the tendency to jam. If you were to take a modded controller and shoot, the ASP would shoot the fastest out of any pistol. The firecap is set very high.

The biggest reason to use the ASP is still because it has the quickest full magazine reload out of any weapon.


  • Dual Wield

Main role: Used as a backup weapon at closer ranges.

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